Easy and Immediate Data Solutions

When and where you need Them

High Performance Analytics

Real-time data analytics enable faster, more accurate decisions that will expedite your growth while minimizing your risk.

Straightforward Interface

B2R’s streamlined, point-and-click configuration does not require additional programming of any kind.

Customized Data

We tag and script your data so results are personalized and focused on what matters most.


Unlock growth potential and profitability with real-time estimates, forecasts, and live sales analytics

Optimize efficiency and stay on budget with live data-driven workflow management

Ensure safety compliance and mitigate risks through live data analytics and OSHA compliance monitoring

Empower executive decision-making with strategic data-driven insights and process compliance dashboards

Powerful Data Solutions


Proof of Concept

We can provide a free proof of concept set up. See how our system functions and looks with a sample of your own data.

Computer Cloud

On-Premises or Cloud Deployment

Our systems work when and where you need them.


Unlimited Users

Empower ALL front-line decision makers and data analysts with accurate data.


Data Protection with Microsoft Azure

Gain from the state-of-art security delivered in Azure data centres globally. Azure is one of the world’s most secure cloud solutions with continuous up time.

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