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HCSS is the leading provider of software helping heavy civil construction businesses streamline their operations. Brainiax2 analytics seamlessly merges data from HCSS systems, making your information accessible and actionable so you can make informed decisions efficiently. These increased efficiencies will save your projects’ bottom lines in the short term while empowering you to bid more effectively in the future.

Real Time Data

In an industry where profit margins run tight, it’s critical to receive real-time data that enables contractors to fix problems in the field as soon as possible.

HCSS Experience and Expertise

Not only do we have experience using HCSS products, but we have worked to train others in their uses. We have tailored our analytics displays to match your specific business objectives.

Brainiax2’s next-level analytics will bring a new level of depth to HCSS’s platforms, allowing customers to harness the full potential of their entire data ecosystem.

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