Use your data

To get results

Use your existing data from:

Transform data points into valuable information

You run a business with scores of data spread across multiple platforms: your accounting, estimating, payroll, and operational software.

Brainiax2 software solutions automatically transform this raw data into usable information – securely, in real time.

Make better decisions for your business

Use your existing information to improve your decision-making processes:

  • Do you know what regions, areas, and departments driving the greatest values?
  • What is the real time progress of wins vs forecast?
  • How do you find average, minimum, maximum, and spreads for production and resource cost?


View Win Rate, Averages, Backlog status, Counts, Cost Types, Spread and Totals with only a few clicks – and without the need for additional data entry.

Brainiax2 instantly creates tables, charts, and graphs from existing information you can filter to focus on specific areas.

Export Brainiax2 files for use in other applications – even data that could not previously be exported and used.

Let Brainiax2 transform your data into information and create knowledge to help your business.

Brainiax2 takes the guesswork out of decision making

Make data-driven decisions based on your own live trends.

Brainiax2 helps you reach your targets and goals more quickly

Enter projections and continuously monitor your performance.


Brainiax2 improves the output of your entire organization

Every subscription allows unlimited users and includes live dashboards.
Your team will be better informed and will avoid re-work, resulting in increased productivity.

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